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Dr. Yip’s Stress-Less Life Retreats

Does stress and anxiety rule your life? Do you find yourself constantly stuck in worries and unproductive behaviors? A retreat may be the solution you need to de-stress, unwind, and gain tools to effectively meet life’s challenges.

Throughout the year, Dr. Yip leads a series of stress-less retreats to help you cultivate stability and mental clarity in your life. Stress and anxiety often throw you off balance, disrupting your wellbeing. Through yoga, mindfulness, and guided meditations, combined with a cognitive-behavioral approach, these retreats will teach you strategies to identify, challenge, and correct those thinking traps that cause stress and anxiety.

Retreats provide the mental space to re-center and ground yourself in order to break unhealthy habits and behaviors. This allows you to be mindfully present and in the moment, away from your day-to-day responsibilities, which is vital to personal growth and learning. These retreats will give you the opportunity to stop, listen, reflect and share similar experiences with like-minded individuals to foster a sense of community.

The Stress-Less Retreat: Revitalize your mind, Rejuvenate your Body

Are you overworked, overwhelmed, and chronically stressed? Is your mind often trapped in negative thoughts that only result in worries and anxiety? Improve your wellbeing with the Cognitive-Behavioral Approach. Learn to identify, challenge, and correct the mental thought traps that hold you prisoner to stress and anxiety. Prevent stress build-up with yoga, intentional breath work, and mindfulness training & meditation. You’ll leave this retreat relaxed and armed with the tools to manage the daily grind of life with less stress and anxiety.

Couples Retreats: Mindfully Stress-Less

Myth: Relationships are supposed to be stress-free and harmonious. Fact: Relationships are challenging and bring about feelings of stress and anxiety. Learn to navigate your relationship away from stress and anxiety in order to mindfully connect with your partner intimately and intentionally. Both you and your partner will leave this retreat with a renewed sense of understanding and purpose as you continue to deepen your relationship with strategies to stress-less for years to come.

Maternity Retreats: Baby Steps to a Stress-Less Pregnancy

Stress and anxiety is one of the worst culprits to fertility and pregnancy. Learn the necessary strategies to overcome challenging and stressful thoughts, emotions, and situations that are common for mothers-to-be. Whether you’re trying to conceive or you’re in the midst of pregnancy, gain healthy behaviors that will foster mental wellness and a stress-less pregnancy. You will leave this retreat eased with proven tools to tackle anxious moments, so you can stress-less all the way to childbirth and beyond.

Productivity Retreats: Productive, Successful YOU! Cultivating a Driving, Go-Getter Attitude

Whether you are anxious and stressed or you lack motivation and drive, there’s one culprit underlying all unproductive behaviors. Negative self-talk wreaks havoc to your confidence and initiative, which are essential for any productive endeavor. Dr. Yip has created a personal action plan to help you break that endless cycle of negative thoughts and unproductive behaviors to reach your fullest potential. Whatever the mental blocks are, you will acquire step-by-step strategies to overcome the obstacles with an action plan to successfully reach your goals.

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