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Introducing Dr. Yip's New Book

Hello Baby, Goodbye Intrusive Thoughts

Stop the Spiral of Anxiety and OCD to Reclaim Wellness on Your Motherhood Journey

Say goodbye to anxiety, OCD, and alarming thoughts with this compassionate guide for new moms as you welcome your baby with a warm hello.
Expected Publication Date: Late Summer 2024
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Dr. Yip's Other Books

Productive, Successful You

In her recent book, Dr. Yip guides readers and teaches us how to turn procrastination into productivity. Within the first few pages, readers examine the causes of procrastination in the flight-or-fight model. Irrational thoughts turn into proactive ones, allowing readers to overcome their procrastination habit. With personal insights and descriptive images, Dr. Yip’s book provides readers the opportunity to break out of old habits and become more productive at work, and successful in life!

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