We’re pregnant! Now what? Baby Steps to a Stress-Less Pregnancy by Dr. Yip

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the-stress-less-life-logo-3a-revisedIn today’s often chaotic environment, we can all use more stress relief in our lives. Stress can exist anywhere. We experience it routinely in our day-to-day lives. We find it in our jobs, relationships, paying the bills, raising our children, and the list goes on. What is a person to do? Not to worry — you don’t have to be doomed to a life of chronic stress. Stress is normal and can even be healthy when you have the skills to manage it effectively. Stress relief comes 


when you’re able to overcome your fears, worries, and anxiety. In fact, you can learn how to turn stress and anxiety into a powerful tool that works for you rather than against you.

The Stress-Less LifeTM was created to provide knowledge on the value of healthy stress and offer strategies to defeat undue anxiety. Through this website, the Stress-Less Life podcast, and the Baby Steps to a Stress-Less Pregnancy vlog series, we share easy to implement tips on dealing with stress and anxiety; tools I teach at the Renewed Freedom Center to help patients suffering from OCD and anxiety disorders. Now you too can learn these stress relief strategies to break free from worries and fears. You don’t have to live a life consumed by stress and anxiety.

Introducing Dr. Yip’s New Book:

PRODUCTIVE, SUCCESSFUL YOU!Dr. Yip’s book provides readers the opportunity to break out of old habits and become more productive at work, and successful in life! End procrastination by making anxiety work for you rather than against you.


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